4B Australia Pty Ltd

Address : Unit B1, 41 Bellrick Street, Acacia Ridge Qld 4110

Phone : 61 7 3216 9365

Fax : 61 7 3219 5837

Email : 4b-australia@go4b.com

Website : www.go4b.co.uk/australia/

Contact : Paul Dennis, Managing Director

Company Profile :

4B Australia is a division of 4B Braime Elevator Components Ltd and has been a pioneer of the material handling industry for over 120 years. With the world's largest range of bucket elevator and conveyor components, 4B Braime also manufactures and supplies electronic level controls, electric sensors and safety control systems that reduce the risk of explosions in hazardous areas.

Brand And Trade Names : 4B, Bolt n Go, Starco, Watchdog

Products and Services :

Alarms, Aluminium, Belt, Bucket-Elevator, Bucket-Elevators, Chain, Cleated-Belt, Computer-Software, Control-Devices-For-Hazardous-Areas, Controls, Conveyor-Belt, Conveyor-Belt-Tracking-Systems, Conveyor-Belting, Conveyor-Chain, Conveyor-Safety-Switches, Conveyors, Drag-Chain, Drag-Flights, Electronic, Elevator-Belt, Elevator-Bolts, Elevator-Buckets, Explosion-Venting, Level, Level-Controllers, Level-Indicators, Monitors, Motion, Nylon, Paddle, Polyethylene, Radio-Frequency, Rip-Detection, Rotating-Vane, Sidewall-Belt, Sidewall-Wavy-Edge, Speed, Steel, Steel-Cord, Tachometers, Temperature, Urethane