ADM Instrument Engineering

Address : 26 Garden Boulevard, Dingley Village Vic 3172

Phone : 61 3 9551 6922

Fax : 61 3 9551 6977

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Contact : Adam Bellani and/or Steve Chamberlain-Ward, Sales & Marketing Manager

Company Profile :

ADM is an Australian owned family business established in 1986. We strive to provide you with the best technical and customer service on power supplies, test & measurement instrumentation and sensors for pressure, dew point, humidity, temperature, position, acceleration, velocity, vibration and radiation detection.

Brand And Trade Names : Ellison, Lutron, Meanwell, Midori, Monitran, RDP Electronics, S2Tech, Seika, Stork Industries, Sun Load Cells, Testboy, Thermo Scientific, Unimeasure

Products and Services :

Actuators, Airflow, Alarms, Analysers, Bag-Sack-Checkweighers, Batch, Blending, Bulk-Material, Capacitance, Checkweighing, Continuous, Controls, Density, Detect-Reject, Electronic, Feeders, Flow, Level, Level-Controllers, Level-Indicators, Load-Cells, Metal-Detectors, Moisture, Monitors, Motion, Noise-Control, Paddle, Pneumatic, Powder-Volume, Pressure, Programmable, Relative-Humidity, Scales, Sonic-Ultrasonic, Speed, Strain-Sensor, System, Temperature, Timing, Vacuum, Vibratory, Volumetric, Weighing-Systems