Alexander Colquhoun & Son Pty Ltd

Address : 13 Jumal Place, Smithfield NSW 2164

Phone : 61 2 8785 6666

Fax : 61 2 9725 2961

National Phone : 1800 249 963

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Alexander Colquhoun & Son, trading as the Colquhoun's Bag Co Group, was founded in 1888 and is still a family owned and run company. We have the experience to assist you with your packaging requirements.

Products and Services :

Adhesive, Baffled, Bag-Sack-Breakers, Bag-Sack-Checkweighers, Bag-Sack-Closing-Supplies, Bag-Sack-Conveyors, Bag-Sack-Depalletisers, Bag-Sack-Dump-Stations, Bag-Sack-Emptiers, Bag-Sack-Fillers, Bag-Sack-Flatteners, Bag-Sack-Form-Fill-Seal, Bag-Sack-Formers, Bag-Sack-Inserters, Bag-Sack-Lifters, Bag-Sack-Makers, Bag-Sack-Openers, Bag-Sack-Palletisers, Bag-Sack-Pallets, Bag-Sack-Placers, Bag-Sack-Robot-Handlers, Bag-Sack-Sealers, Bag-Sack-Settlers, Bag-Sack-Sewers, Bag-Sack-Shrinkwrappers, Bag-Sack-Slitters, Bag-Sack-Splitters, Bag-Sack-Stackers, Bag-Sack-Suppliers, Bag-Sack-Vacuum-Lifters, Bottom-Discharge, Box, Bulk-Bag-Folders, Bulk-Bag-Liners, Bulk-Bags, Bulkbag-Unloaders, Custom, Disposable, Flame-Retardant, Grounded, Heat, Lined, Liners, Multiwall-Bags, Pinch-Bolt, Pinch-Bottom, Pinch-Top, Plastic-Bags, Sanitary, See-Also-Bags-Sacks-And-Plastic, See-Also-Multiwall-Bags, Shipping-Container, Side-Discharge, Square-Top, Ultrasonic, Valve, Waterproof