apcInfra Pty Ltd

Address : 37 Rogers Way, Landsdale WA 6065

Phone : 61 8 9302 3700

Fax : 61 8 9302 3711

Email : info@apcinfra.com.au

Website : www.apcinfra.com.au

Contact : Hank Wadia, Managing Director

Company Profile :

Specialist supplier of dust and fume control equipment, pneumatic conveying and vacuum extraction systems.

Brand And Trade Names : Pulseair, SRC, SRPB, TRPB, Vibraclean

Products and Services :

Actuators, Alarms, Automatic-Batch, Bag-Sack-Breakers, Bag-Sack-Checkweighers, Bag-Sack-Fillers, Bag-Sack-Flatteners, Bag-Sack-Lifters, Bag-Sack-Openers, Bag-Sack-Sealers, Bag-Sack-Settlers, Bag-Sack-Slitters, Bag-Sack-Splitters, Belt, Bolted-Steel, Bulk-Bag-Fillers, Bulk-Bags, Cleated, Controls, Conveyor-Belting, Conveyor-Screw, Conveyor-Skirting, Conveyors, Dewatering-Equipment, Electromechanical, Enclosed, Explosion-Venting, Feeders, Flexible-Screw, Granulators, Hose, Inclined, Level, Level-Controllers, Level-Indicators, Lifters, Metal, Pinch-Bolt, Pressure-Vacuum-Relief, Rotating-Vane, Rubber, Shaftless, Silos, Spiral, Vacuum-Loaders, Valve, Valves, Vibratory, Volumetric