Zhen Jiang Sanwei Plastic & Electrical Appliance

Address : Jing 5 Rd, Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone, Zhenjiang, Jiang Su 212009 China

Phone : +86 511 8888 6299

Fax : +86 511 8888 3179

Email : sales@sanweijs.com

Website : www.sanweijs.com

Company Profile :

Manufacturers of elevator buckets, elevator belts, elevator bolts, PVC elevator belts, conveyor belts.

Brand And Trade Names : Banghe, Sanwei

Products and Services :

Augers, Belt, Chain, Cleated, Conveyor-Belt-Scales, Conveyor-Belt-Take-Ups, Conveyor-Belting, Conveyor-Chain, Conveyors, Drag, Drag-Chain, Drag-Flights, Drums, Elevator-Bolts, Elevator-Buckets, En-Masse, Fabric, Liners, Linings, Nylon, Polyethylene, Rubber, Screening-Equipment, Screw, Ship-Loading-Unloading-Equipment, Sieves, Sifters, Silos, Spiral, Stainless-Steel, Steel, Trough, Truck, Tubular-Screw, Urethane