BulkNet Pty Ltd

BulkNet is Australia’s premium designer & manufacturer of Screw Conveyors and other bulk materials handling equipment. With our own in-house design and fabrication facility. we also manufacture Screw Feeders, Live Bottom Bins, Pug Mills, Paddle Mixers, Bucket Elevators & other Bulk Materials Handling Equipment.

Address: 12 Elite Way, 3201, Carrum Downs, VIC Australia
Phone number: 61 02 9768 4555
Email: sales@bulknet.com.au
Contact: Geoff Thomson, National Business Development Manager
Website: www.bulknet.com.au
Brands: Clamp-Ezy; Scott Spiral; Scott Osmond;
NSW Caastle Hill, Ph: 02 8858 1555

BulkNet Pty Ltd
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