Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Prime Manufacturing is a quality supplier and manufacturer of bulk materials handling components and equipments.

Address: 47 Canterbury Road, 3195, Braeside, VIC Australia
Phone number: 1300 332 242
Contact: Steven Ng, Operations Manager

Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd
CategoriesAdhesives & Sealants, Auger Compactors, Augers, Bearings, Belt, power transmission, Belted drives, Bins & Hoppers, Bulk bag & bin conveyors, Bulk grain export, Bulk storage, containers, Bulk storage, tanks, Bulkbag unloaders, Chain, roller, Chutes & hoppers, Clamps, Conveying, high temperature, Conveyor belt cleaners & scrapers, Conveyor belt cutters, Conveyor belt fasteners/splicers, Conveyor belt joiner, screw, Conveyor Belt Lifters, Conveyor Belt Repair Materials, Conveyor belt repair materials, rubber, Conveyor belt repair materials, urethane, Conveyor belt scales, Conveyor belt scales, see also Scales, Conveyor belt splices, Conveyor belt splicing, services, Conveyor belt take-ups, Conveyor belt tracking systems, Conveyor belt, fasteners, Conveyor belting PVC, Conveyor belting rubber, Conveyor belting, cleated, Conveyor belting, fabric, Conveyor belting, rip resistant, Conveyor belting, stainless steel, Conveyor belting, steel cord, Conveyor belting, trough, Conveyor chain, Conveyor covers hoods, Conveyor design, Conveyor impact saddles, Conveyor maintenance equipment, Conveyor pulleys, Conveyor return rollers, self clean, Conveyor rollers, Conveyor rollers & frames, Conveyor Rollers, Aluminum, Conveyor Rollers, Disc, Conveyor rollers, HDPE, Conveyor Rollers, Impact, Conveyor Rollers, Lagged, Conveyor rollers, Nylon, Conveyor Rollers, Rubber, Conveyor Rollers, Steel, Conveyor screws, see also Augers, Conveyor skirting, Conveyor slider beds, Conveyor Structures, Overland, Conveyor, belt, Conveyor, chains, Conveyor, Frames, Conveyor, Impact Beds, Conveyor, Impact Beds, Dynamic, Conveyor, tracking, Conveyors, Conveyors, belt, Conveyors, bucket elevator, Conveyors, chain, Conveyors, flexible screw, Conveyors, inclined, Conveyors, pan, Conveyors, pipe, Conveyors, pneumatic, Conveyors, pneumatic, dilute phase, Conveyors, pneumatic, portable, Conveyors, pneumatic, pressure tank, Conveyors, pneumatic, screw pump, Conveyors, Pneumatic, Semi-dense Phase, Conveyors, portable, Conveyors, reciprocating, Conveyors, sandwiched belt, Conveyors, screening, Conveyors, screw, Conveyors, sidewall belt, Conveyors, spiral, Conveyors, stacking, Conveyors, steel belt, Conveyors, troughed, Conveyors, tube, belt, Conveyors, tubular reciprocating, Conveyors, tubular screw, Conveyors, tubular, drag, Conveyors, Vacuum Load Pneumatic, Conveyors, vertical, Conveyors, vibratory, Conveyors, walled belt, Drag chain, Drag flights, Drives, Elevator belt, steel cord, Elevator bolts, Elevator buckets, Elevator buckets, aluminium, Elevator buckets, nylon, Elevator buckets, polyethylene, Elevator buckets, steel, Elevator buckets, urethane, Fasteners, Feeders, Feeders, belt, Idler Rollers, Idlers, conveyor, Impact Beds, Impact rollers, Linings, abrasion resistant urethane, Linings, abrasion resistant, rubber, Mills, roller, Pulley lagging, Pulleys, Pulleys & Sprockets, Pulleys & Sprockets, Synchronous, Screw Conveyors, Screw flights, Silos, ´╗┐Abrasives